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Gender Female
Age 32
Open to
About me
I'm a virgin (by choice), but I don't want to be anymore. So, looking to lose that, but I'm also looking to fulfill a fantasy of mine. Hands tied to the ceiling, or something high up, legs tied apart, while guys take turns ****ing me until I LITERALLY can't take anymore. I have a HORRIBLE gag reflex though, so stay away from the mouth. Gags are ok, as long as they don't touch my throat, would actually prefer to have one that keeps me from saying anything. Blindfol is okay, we just have to be clear on the ground rules beforehand, don't need the blindfold though. Want front and back entered, both at different times and the same time. Anything needed to prep for the backside being ****ed is exceptable. Don't know if I'm interested in light hitting or not, but I know I'm not interested in hard hitting. May need more than two guys for this, because like I said, I want to be ****ed until I LITERALLY can't take anymore, even if I pass out, take a little break, cause I want to keep going when I come to. I've played with myself, I know a LOT isn't anywhere NEAR enough. Besides, that's the fantasy, a full day of non-stop/nearly non-stop being ****ed.

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