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Gender Female
Age 42
Location London, United Kingdom
Open to
Interests Radical Compassion, Awareness Revolution, Intimacy between Men - homoeroticism in particular, Intersectional activism, Felicitous communitties
About me
First and foremost, I'm after my kind of people, the imaginative thinkers. For the kind of intimacy that happens in the fringes, less affected by the mainstream dismal muck. What would make me very happy is getting to know at least 2 guys who fancy one another, and me (though the latter not as important), and we all feel a comfortable mental connection together - So much so that they'd want me watching them, touching each other. Which would make me blissfully orgasmic without even a touch. My gradual physical participation would take more time. Impatience or pressure is a total turn off deal-breaker, so let's not. Looking for honest, mature, aware&unusual humans to cuddle with, in threes.

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