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Gender Male
Age 31
Location Manchester, United Kingdom
Open to
Interests TV Series, Music, Politics, Sport, Dancing
About me
Well hello everyone and welcome to my lovely page. A little about me... First and foremost you should know that I am full of energy, literally I can talk and talk so be warned as the conversation will never get to that awkward silence stage - though surprisingly I'm really good at listening (random ey) Anyway enough of that, anyone would think I was writing this on eharmony at this rate. So me, I'm a fun, easy going, guy who has been on the scene for a while. This is my first time on here so please be nice, otherwise I'll have to punish you.. Okay so to the bit that matters, I'm looking for an exciting couple to have lots of fun with. Whilst I said I am easy going, in the bedroom I am certainly the dominant one. I like to play rough which includes masking tape, cable ties, hair pulling, choking, face f*cking, spanking and rough play. Don't let this put you off though, I can play nice if this scares you a little but you are interested but this is my usual style =-) So there's not much more I can say but thanks for reading (if you got this far) and drop me a message if you're interested in chatting/meeting. One Love

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