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Babbanoddie (couple)
Location London, United Kingdom
Open to
Age 41
Age 51
About us
A (very) happy couple looking for another woman to help us expand our horizons a little. I am Oddie - a 35 year old British Asian woman, 160cm tall, size 8, and he is Babba - a 45 year old white British white guy 178cm tall medium build. I’m very bi, and he’s very happy to indulge me. But I’m only just beginning to actually explore that side of me. We have had a couple of threesomes and I have loved being with another woman, but I only want to do it if my real love Babba is there. So we’d like to find another woman to help me explore this, but she has to be happy to have Babba there. Personally I’d like it best if he was involved too, because I am surprised how turned on I am by seeing him with another woman. But he says he’s intensely relaxed if the girl is only into me so … We’re pretty civilised, both living and working in London, and have the usual metropolitan interests: galleries, theatre, concerts, cinema, dining out etc. If you are interested we’d be happy to swap more info, photos etc and ideally meet up for a drink or something to see if there is a mutual spark. If you don't fancy it, then at least we'll have bought you a drink or dinner, If you do, then we'll buy you breakfast, Go on, we’re waiting.

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