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Gender Male
Age 39
Open to
Interests travelling
About me
Genuine submissive male, some previous experience, requires training, intelligent, able, is seeking a dominant lady or couple for an ongoing long-term relationship based around subservience and obedience to your wishes, preferences and comforts. The exact details about how this would work would be based around your wishes, of course, but I do seek to serve, and to be trained to please and be shaped into whatever you wish. Aspects could include: Handing over control of my sexuality to Mistress, for you to decide when, how and if I am permitted expression. Devoting myself to pleasuring Mistress to my utmost ability, and dedicating myself to learning exactly how to please and satisfy you perfectly. This will not necessarily entail reward for doing so; I will enjoy your pleasure and be satisfied with your enjoyment. Performing any and all household tasks and chores which are designated, completing all housework and manual labour to a good standard and in a timely manner so that Mistress not be bothered by such irritations. Apply my abilities to massage and in all ways attend to Mistress and her comfort. If necessary and required, learning new skills to please Mistress further. Accepting any treatment that Mistress deems appropriate, including submiting to punishment, discipline, guidelines, rules, orders , handing over slave to her friends and control in whatever manner Mistress sees fit. Naturally there may be other terms and conditions. These are for Mistress to decide, and everything mentioned is of course subject to your approval, wishes and preferences, and yours to decide. Slave can be feminised and sissified. Slave recognises that this may - or may not - be pleasing. Slave's future direction is of course rightfully Mistress's to decide. Slave begs for Mistress to consider and evaluate him, and to accept and train him to meet your desires. Thank you

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