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Gender Male
Age 35
Open to
Interests Biking, Hiking, Music Production, Wine
About me
"This was not my idea..!!!" Ok so, I feel like this part isn't really going to matter because as we all know, the majority of us humans are shallow and materialistic also, we like to judge books by their cover even though the saying is " Do not judge a book by it's cover" lol. *Must be a millennial thing* Never the less, I suppose I'll say a quick something about myself... So... I like short strolls along the beach, I'm a musician, I.T. Professional, Entertainer, Chef, Conversationalist. In a previous life I was a starfish and I think I was a pinkish hue. I cried twice like a girl when I watched “The Notebook” I swear a lot, and stay up way too late watching Netflix ....by myself lol. My friends call me China (because I'm so precious) lol Other than that.. I guess if you are curious to find out what the true meaning of life is, you'll hit me up or if I do so happen to message you, you may just reply.I'm curious to explorer sexual experiences with multiple women or single women and a friend of mine. Happy hunting my fellow creatures

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