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Gender Male
Age 34
Open to
Interests Gym, career, science, learning
About me
My wit is my charm and my play is to make people laugh. I take pride in my aptitude for humour and am routinely mistaken for a socialite because of it. In truth, I'm a science buff, closet nerd and high functioning introvert. I value substance and loath the superficial. My passion is my career and my ambition drives. I have a dog named Baxter and recently traded all my possessions to keep him. Break ups are tough but often necessary. After 5 years I'm single and despite all that monogamy I'm not looking to rebound. Rather, I'm after a cute girl who's looking to chill on the regular. I'm an outdoor enthusiast but must confess I'm game to hibernate all winter if I have to. Thankfully my parents hugged me too much as a child so cuddling up on the couch during a white-out is a favourite past time. I digg fashion and design but think art is too subjective to be measurably impressive. I hate television yet love HBO. I value wealth, but only in a capacity that satisfies lifestyle comfort. I have a habit of being too generous but I think it's an endearing quality. If I'm coming off as a push over then you're mistaking class for weakness. I've got high expectations of myself and those around me. Some quick facts... I live on my own and walk my dog at the park every day Love to cook, hate to clean, but do it anyways because living in filth is a real turn off. I'm no stranger to the bong or the bottle. I love to party but the bar scene grows tired. I don't smoke, I don't gamble and I hold no debt. I once started smoking just to prove I could quit. Only because my friend is a b*tch and couldn't put his sack to the challenge. Beauty is a half measure, if you lack in brains you're just a 5 masquerading as a 10. cheers

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